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High frequency PCB

High Frequency PCB is a type of PCB which is widely used in applications involving special signal transmission between objects. It is available in frequency range of 500MHz to 2GHz and is an ideal choice for mobile, microwave, radio frequency and high speed design applications.

It is highly important to choose the right laminate for high frequency PCB fabrication. PCB engineer must consider the laminate electrical property, thermal property, reliability, etc.

Our regular high frequency laminate brand/model are:

· Rogers: RO4003. RO3003, RO4350, RO5880, etc.

· TUC: Tuc862, Tuc872SLK, 883, 933, etc.

· Isola: FR408HR, IS620, IS680, etc.

· Panasonic: Megtron4 (M4), Megtron6 (M6), etc.

· Nelco:N4000-13, N4000-13EPSI, etc.

· Other brand including Arlon, Taconic, Shengyi, etc.

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