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HDI is widely used in mobile phones, digital (photo) cameras, MP3, MP4, laptop computers, automotive electronics and other digital products. Among them, mobile phone takes biggest portion.High HDI PCB boards are mainly used for 3G/4G mobile phones, advanced digital cameras and IC loading board.

The HDI PCBs we provide include the following dramatic features:

· Blind and/or buried vias 
· Min. Line Width/Space: 0.05/0.05mm 
· Via-in-pad 
· Through vias from surface to surface
· 20 µm circuit geometries
· 30 µm dielectric layers
· 50 µm laser vias 
· 125 µm bump pitch processing
· Surface Finish: ENIG/OSP/HASL/Au Plating (soft/hard)/ Immersion Ag/ Immersion Tin/ Bright Tin Plating/Ag Plating/Carbon Ink


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