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With over ten years' experience of FPC production, our FPC board has been used in a wide areas, such as laptop, LCD panel, camera, DVD, automobile, outer space communication and so on.

Our FPC Fabrication Capacity 

• Material: polyimide

• Layer: 1-8

• Min line spacing: single-sided board 0.050mm (2mil); double-sided board 0.050mm(2mil)

• Min aperture: drilling 0.15mm; punching 0.50mm

• Dimensional tolerance: conductor width ±20% W≤0.5mm

• ±0.05mm H≤1.5mm

• ±0.05mm P≤25mm

• ±0.1mm L≤50mm

• ±0.05mm C≤5.0mm

• Surface finishing

• Chemical gold plating: Au(0.03-0.15 um); Ni(1-6 um)

• Electrical gold plating: Au(>0.10 um); Ni(1-6 um)

• Spraying Pure tin: Sn(7-20 um)

• Electrical tin plating: Sn(7-20 um)

• Soldering resistance: 260℃/10Sccs

• Peeling strength: 1.0Kg+1cn IPCTM6502.4.9

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