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PCBA Assembly

We are capable of small volume SMT prototyping PCBs with both automated and manual assembly.

We have enough capabilities for SMT/SMD assembly , through-hole and mixed technology PCB assemblies.
BGA down to 0.25mm pitch, 0201 component placements and leadless devices assembly can also be available. High speed advanced Fuji SMT machines can well support your strict requirements of PCB assembly,no matter in the network, communications, medical, Musical Instruments and other applications, or other high-end industries such as industrial manufacturing. In terms of pass rate, we have done 99.9%. Our engineering team will discuss about assembly manufacturing process once we get your order.

Service Overview:

1. Controller PCBA one-stop OEM generation processing;

2. SMT patch processing, PCBA processing, PCBA substitution, PCBA processing plant, component substitution;

3. Focus on small and medium batch, high-end proofing. Imported solder paste spray printer, free steel mesh, fast sample.

4. DIP post-weld processing, 12 years of industry experience;

5. Provide purchasing services for channel components.

6. One-stop service for testing and assembling high-end electronic products.

PCB Assembly Machines

PCBA Machine.png

PCB Assembly Quote

The PCB assembly price depends on PCB manufacturing, components, test plan and order quantity. PCB manufacturing cost is easily calculated by its dimension, layer(s), copper thickness, laminate thickness, surface finish and other special engineering requests (such as heavy copper, impedance, blind via, buried via etc), but components cost is hard to estimate, because different boards have its designs (using different ICs, connector etc).

To obtain an official quote, please send your Gerber files, bill of materials (BOM) and the quantity required to: We will get back to you with a quote within one business day.

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