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时间:2019-06-10| Author:admin

Welcome to Canm Technology Co.,Ltd. Canmtech is a professional OEM company that established in year of 2006, which mainly focus on the Electronic Manufacturing Services for PCB fabrication and PCB Assembly.

We specializes in high-mix, low volume and quick turn prototype PCB for high-tech industries, our advantageous PCB is Multilayer circuit board, includes High frequency, HDI, Heavy Copper, Rigid-Flex, high frequency microwave, and Embedded Capacitance. And also offer one-stop turnkey service, consisting of reasonable quote, layout/design, copy (Gerber, BOM), fabrication, component sourcing, assembly (SMT, DIP, COB), advanced testing, well packing, fast delivery and after-sales service. We have two workshops in area over 2000sqm, which 10 PCBA production line and have a complete set of advanced production equipment, included AOI machine, SMT machine, wave soldering machine, and reflow soldering machine. We also have complete of testing instrument, include ICT machine, frequency generator, transistor characteristic graphic instrument, capacitance withstand voltage leakage current meter, withstand voltage tester. All of the machines are in line with the European Union and the North American home appliance industry testing standards, so we can meet customers’ requirement.

We can also provide high quality and compatible CMOS Camera Module products for different requests and wishes from clients, they have very compact size and be widely applied in ATM machine, Security gate machine, Network monitoring, Quick mark Scanning, Self-service terminal equipment and so on. Now we have many mature camera modules in stock for sale, and we can also support customized production per customer’s drawing and requirement.

Our mission is to be best electronics solution shop in the country by offering instant quotes, superior service and on-time deliveries. We stand behind our products 100% and offer our customers an honest business.

With this presence, Canmtech offers its customers the high quality product and services in the electronics fields.